History Manager

History Manager

Implement the History Data methodology to manage picture, audio and video files
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History Manager is a software utility that helps you implement the History Data methodology to manage picture, audio, and video files from any source. With History Manager you can organize files chronologically, annotate files with descriptive attributes and locate files by time period or by attributes.

Chances are you're already using your computer to store pictures and audio/video recordings of your life story. As time passes your collection of personal history content will grow, and it will tend to become disorganized and fragmented. The History Data methodology can help you manage your collection to make sure you'll always be able to locate, identify, and get the most out of your content.

History Manager helps you implement the History Data methodology by automating many of the steps involved in organizing files chronologically, annotating files to identify contents, and grouping files into folders for convenient browsing. And as soon as you start managing your content with the History Data approach, History Manager gives you a variety of ways to conveniently locate your content to enjoy and share with family and friends.

Downloading from Software Informer as the program is discontinued by the developer
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